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Litigation & Conflict Settlement

Litigation & Conflict Settlement

Litigation & Conflict Settlement

Litigation & Conflict Settlement: Litigation is the most widely used means of resolving disputes and conflicts in the United Arab Emirates.

Abeer Al Dahmani Law Firm and Legal Consultancy recruited a dependable, most trusted,  and reliable team of national lawyers supported by a number of legal advisors with extensive knowledge and experience in many legal aspects including pleading before all level of courts; commercial, civil, criminal, labor and courts of companies conflict resolution.

Our team represents all clients in various courts; courts of the first instance, appellate, and cassation in all seven emirates.

A – Precautionary measures

Issuing confiscation orders for properties, bank accounts and balances of respondents, and travel ban, etc. Those orders are issued with the aim of preventing the respondent from concealing his property or leaving the state escaping or avoiding executive procedures.

B – Representation before courts

Our lawyers represent clients before judges in courts and act on their behalf in performing different procedures including raising cases, preparing warnings, memos, appeals, and corresponding officially with both courts and respondents during all stages of litigation before courts of the first instance, appeal, and cassation.

C- Execution of judicial decisions

We act through measures of constraint to facilitate respondent property and bank accounts realization in order to enforce judicial decisions.


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