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About Us

our scope of work

Abeer Al Dahmani Office provides legal warnings service on behalf of both corporate and individual clients. The legal warning is formulated to deal with breaches of legal or contractual obligations and to warn the respondents before taking legal action against them in case of breach of legal or contractual obligations. The warning service warns the respondent to address or resolve the case of breach and help the client avoiding the costly litigation proceedings comparing to legal warning low expenses.
Abeer Al Dahmani’s office focuses, first of all, on understanding the nature of the problem encountered by the client, starting from identifying the breaches of the other party to the contract or the law and then we start formulating the professional and detailed legal warning. The legal warning alerts the respondent of his legal or contractual obligation indicating the violation or breach and presents him a chance to address them, otherwise, legal proceedings will be taken against him. The legal warning is always written on our formal paper, appended with our logo, and delivered by the court’s ushers, and through our office, guaranteeing that the respondent shall indicate the seriousness of our client, which will compel him to take action to address the situation of breach or violation.

OUR vision

Abeer Al Dahmani’s law firm is focused and concerned with all professional values ​​that achieve the best interest of clients and keeps the integrity of the profession of law. This motto comes true through providing honest advice, revealing the truth to clients, and ensuring our client understands his full status, which enables him to make the right decisions. This “sharing truth” rule of ours produces satisfaction of the client and ensures our credibility as we don’t ever offer unrealistic solutions beyond the fact of the matter or the capabilities of our office. That’s how we managed consequently to maintain the reputation and good name of our professional office. We believe in integrity and transparency, and we are committed to educating the customer about his legal position, which contributes to the clients feeling in good hands and understanding all required procedures that ensure clarity of his case’s future path. The office also undertakes to protect the client’s interests and protect him in case of the absence of communication. Our main role is preserving and keeping all rights of the client.

Mohamed ElBelasy
A.S.Alsayed Group
IT Manager

The office is one of the most important law offices in the United Arab Emirates and has a good reputation and earns all the issues entrusted to him .. Greetings to the team and to Mrs.Abeer Al Dahmani

ahmed fakher
Ahmed Fakher
Abeer AlDahmani Office
Corporate Lawyer

One of the best offices I have worked with, a good reputation, a team of collaborators, high work experience, high customer interest, and ultimately impressive results.

Our core values

1. Transparency and integrity.

The Office shall clearly and plainly indicate to the client the true legal position of any dispute in light of the reality, the law, and the expertise of the Office. The Office shall not be ashamed of disclosing the customer’s bad position and attempting to minimize the damage or risks to ensure that the client is able to make the decision Sound.

2. Legal awareness.

The office works on legal awareness of the client by explaining the procedures followed in the dispute and the expected duration of the proceedings and the procedures of appeal and suspension from it or the opponents or opposition in their implementation in such a way that ensures the client to be in the psychological rest of the duration of the proceedings or shortened to know the nature of what will be in conflict.

3. Caring for the client’s interests.

In many cases, the client is unable to contact, which makes the office committed to taking the appropriate action for the benefit of the customer, in order to ensure the protection of his interest until the customer is reconciled to ensure continuity of the rights of the client to perform the functions of the assumed profession According to professional norms.

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