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Abeer Al Dahmani Office is one of the leading firms in the field of advocate, legal consultancy and companies incorporation. The office brings together diverse experiences through a diverse team of staff, ensuring that the office can meet the needs of all clients in all cases and consultations, We cooperates with a number of law firms and legal consultants outside the UAE in resolving disputes of international character as well as obtaining specialized advice in fields related to trade and companies in the new digital age.

About Abeer Aldahmani

Lawyer and legal consultant Abeer Dahmani is the main founder of Abeer Dahmani legal consulting law firm.

Her experiences extended and included all fields of law and legal practices over the years; those started from working in the legal departments of both governmental and private bodies, with Training courses that she attended in law fields and legal scopes have diversified on both local and international levels.

She actively contributes to raising the legal awareness of the community through legal guidance and advices how to deal with legal issues and risks facing the public

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Our Vision and Values

Abeer Dahmani law firm is focused and concerned with all professional values that achieve the best interest of clients and keeps the integrity of the profession of law. This motto comes true through providing honest advice, revealing the truth to clients, and ensuring our client understands his full status, which enables him to take the right decisions.

This “sharing truth” rule of ours produces satisfaction of the client, and ensure our credibility as we don’t ever offer unrealistic solutions beyond the fact of the matter or the capabilities of our office. That’s how we managed consequently to maintain the reputation and good name of our professional office. The office also undertakes to protect the client’s interests and protect him in case of absence of communication. Our main role keeping all rights of the client, Comes among those value :

Transparency and integrity

Our office is committed to inform the customer, clearly and in simple terms, about the legal status of any dispute in the light of the law, current facts, documents, and office expertise. Our firm doesn’t feel ashamed of disclosure and introducing clients to their hard legal status and we try to minimize damages or risks to ensure that the client is able to make the right decisions


Legal awareness

The client must be informed about the detailed course of his case, and the challenges that his conflict might be facing; the thing that will make him feel comfortable and safe whether the procedures required short period and went smoothly or went hardly demanding more time to be handled.

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Care of the clients interests

In all cases, the office takes clients’ interests into attention, and whenever we are unable to contact or reach the client, the office is committed to taking the appropriate action for the benefit of the client, with the aim of protecting his interest until he can be reached. This principle and commitment preserve the rights of the client in his absence by performing all assumed tasks of the case In accordance with the professional norms of the conflict, its anticipated duration, procedures for its appeal, complaints provided by the clients or against him, and all respondents tries to oppose enforcement of procedures.

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Zone 1 Rowdhat Abu Dhabi, Ali & Sons Company Bldg, 3rd Floor, Office 301, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.