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Legal Consulting
Abeer AlDahmani provides legal advice services in both Arabic and English, in all legal aspects that both individuals and companies may face in their daily life, in investments or commercial matters. Our office delivers legal advice and guidance on the appropriate procedure that shall protect the client’s interests in any problem he might walk into, and we ensure the clients fully understand the problem, its consequences, and all actions to be taken to solve that problem in order to avoid those mentioned serious consequences.
Abeer AlDahmani Office provides authentication services for foreign documents issued abroad as well as certification services for documents required by foreign authorities abroad through the ratification of the certified lawyer’s seal. The certification services include ratification of foreign passports and service bills issued by the local authorities along with issuing residence address certification for both individuals and companies. The certification services also include all other kinds of formal papers such as commercial licenses, agreements, declarations.
Commercial Companies
Commercial Companies and its establishing process in the United Arab Emirates are distinguished by their special procedures. In the light of the critical importance of company’s shape in UAE, which reflects and gives an overview of the financial and investment stability in the UAE, Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 has been issued. This law defined the forms of commercial companies so as not to exceed the following classifications:
Family Matters
Abeer Al Dahmani law firm represents individuals in family disputes, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, whether by representing them in defense or pleading on their behalf before family courts within the UAE. Divorce legal disputes vary according to the law of the state, the laws of foreign countries or according to the cases of claims to maintenance and custody that accompany those divorce lawsuits. Our office represents plaintiffs or defendants in those cases to grant them their disputed rights. We represent disputing parties in family lawsuits using and benefiting from its long years of experience in producing optimum outcomes for clients, you are welcome to visit us to discuss your family case and find a suitable solution.
Courtesy to Abeer AlDahmani Law firm awareness of the great effect and impact of insurance on both individuals and business sectors, we give much care for insurance. Insurance means, in its legal sense, that both insurer and insured shall cooperate to face the insured risks. Article 1026 of the Civil Transactions Law, Thus protecting all individuals, installations and properties.
Due to the great experience of Abeer Dahmani’ s in this field, a great number of major and key clients have chosen its highly skilled team to represent them in these insurance-related issues and cases. Abeer Dahmani’s office divides the insurance into several types; Health insurance, life insurance,Property insurance
Labor Issues
Abeer AlDahmani law firm represents many employees and employers of associations, companies, and individuals in related lawsuits before labor courts in issues related to demanding and settling receivables. Abeer Dahmani represents employees or employers in these cases before the courts of the first instance, appeal, and cassation. We also represent clients before expertise assigned and delegated in Inventory and liquidation of labor dues whether for specific or indefinite contracts against the private, government or quasi-governmental companies before administrative courts in accordance with the Labor Law or the human resources rules of each institution that apply on both citizens and foreigners before all courts in UAE.
Litigation is the most widely used means of resolving disputes and conflicts in the United Arab Emirates.
Abeer AlDahmani Law Firm and Legal Consultancy recruited a dependable, most trusted, and reliable team of national lawyers supported by a number of legal advisors with extensive knowledge and experience in many legal aspects including pleading before all level of courts; commercial, civil, criminal, labor and courts of companies conflict resolution.
Precautionary measures, Representation before courts, Execution of judicial decisions.
The office of Abeer Dahmani has a team of highly qualified and experienced experts in the field of debt collection, settlement, and re-scheduling. We perform those actions in a friendly manner with clients in various fields such as engineering, construction, financial institutions, banking, insurance, companies, etc.
The office of Abeer Dahmani follows a specialized debt collection strategy; The team first starts with the debtor and arrange a meeting with him in the presence of a legal advisor specialized in debt collection disputes. The advisor would have full knowledge of the regulations current and in force in this field, and the meeting shall be for the purpose of negotiating the settlement
ahmed fakher
Ahmed Fakher
Abeer AlDahmani Office
Corporate Lawyer

One of the best offices I have worked with, a good reputation, a team of collaborators, high work experience, high customer interest, and ultimately impressive results.

Mohamed ElBelasy
A.S.Alsayed Group
IT Manager

The office is one of the most important law offices in the United Arab Emirates and has a good reputation and earns all the issues entrusted to him .. Greetings to the team and to Mrs.Abeer Al Dahmani