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Commercial Cases in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy is a leading company in the field of commercial and business law in the region. The firm was founded by lawyer Abeer Al Dahmani, a specialist in commercial law with extensive experience in this domain. Our primary objective is to provide top-notch legal services to both businesses and individuals, addressing all issues related to commercial activities and trade.

Abeer Al Dahmani Law Firm represents numerous commercial and banking enterprises before courts and judicial bodies, dealing with disputes arising from commercial transactions. We diligently present cases before courts, specialized expert committees, and work closely with our clients to prepare comprehensive consultative reports, collaborating with expert specialists to ensure the best possible outcomes. Furthermore, our firm is proud to represent numerous local and foreign companies in local, international, and Gulf transactions, handling all disputes that arise within the United Arab Emirates.

Our legal team possesses extensive expertise in commercial litigation, going beyond contractual obligations and texts. We recognize the significance of commercial customs, which form an integral part of the sources of law applied in lawsuits, particularly within various professions such as banking, contracting, construction, general trade, shipping, and aviation. We are well-prepared to address challenges in presenting commercial and industrial customs before courts, often seeking the assistance of specialized experts in the relevant field of the claim, along with witness testimonies and consultations appointed by our clients to assert commercial customs for different professions and industries.

Our firm specializes in representing clients in a wide range of commercial matters, including banking, real estate, construction, contracts, general trade, and other related transactions before commercial courts at all levels. We offer comprehensive services in establishing and registering companies of various types, whether commercial, industrial, or service-oriented. Our team excels in preparing the necessary contracts and agreements for company formation, defining the rights and obligations of shareholders and partners.

Legal assistance in commercial contracts and transactions is a core strength of our firm. We provide specialized legal consultations in drafting and reviewing various types of commercial contracts and agreements, including sales, distribution, agency, and more. Our priority is to ensure that clear and equitable terms are established to protect the interests of our clients and meet their specific business needs.

Arbitration and dispute resolution services are also an essential aspect of our practice. We offer expert legal guidance to our clients in arbitration proceedings and dispute resolution mechanisms. Our goal is to help clients achieve effective and amicable solutions to commercial disputes that serve their best interests and safeguard their business reputation.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable advice and consultations related to legal compliance and commercial regulations in the region. We assist companies in understanding and adhering to government laws, regulations, environmental guidelines, and economic controls that govern their operations.

Lastly, we take pride in offering assistance to our clients in protecting their intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Our team is well-versed in registering and safeguarding intellectual property rights and diligently pursues any cases of infringement on behalf of our clients.

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Commercial Cases Frequently Asked Questions

The importance of legal consultation in companies lies in providing specialized and well-thought-out legal advice to deal with various legal issues. It helps companies understand their rights and obligations, comply with local and international laws and regulations, and safeguard their business reputation. Legal consultation also offers guidance in company formation, expansion, contract management, legal disputes, and intellectual property protection, contributing to the success of their business and mitigating legal risks.

When facing a commercial dispute, the first step is to verify the validity of the documents and contracts related to the dispute and gather available evidence. The company or individual involved in the dispute should seek the assistance of a specialized lawyer in commercial matters to provide legal consultation and assess the chances of winning the dispute. The primary goal is to achieve an amicable settlement if possible, but if not, arbitration or litigation can be pursued based on the applicable laws.

Intellectual property rights can be protected in various commercial activities, such as:

– Patents: Protecting unique inventions and innovations that offer new and inventive products or processes.

– Trademarks: Protecting distinctive commercial marks and logos, allowing companies to be recognized and safeguarding their business reputation.

– Copyrights: Protecting literary, artistic, musical, and software works from unauthorized reproduction.

– Protection of Business Ideas: Providing protection for business ideas, trade secrets, and sensitive information that grant the company a competitive edge.

Arbitration holds great importance in settling commercial disputes for several reasons. Firstly, it offers an alternative method to resolve disputes outside traditional courts, thereby expediting the resolution more efficiently and effectively. Secondly, arbitration allows the parties the freedom to choose arbitrators and determine the applicable law, which increases confidence in the arbitration process.

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Zone 1 Rowdhat Abu Dhabi, Ali & Sons Company Bldg, 3rd Floor, Office 301, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.