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Abeer Al-Dahmani Law Office & Legal Consultation

Welcome to Abeer Al Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultants


We practice in personal injury, family, criminal and labor litigation, with an emphasis on complex contractual matters and mass tort litigation. We are a leading group of highly professional lawyers whose goal is to protect you, your family and business. We aim to assure our clients that with our help it is possible to quickly and effectively resolve any issue.

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Our services

A wide range of legal services that Abeer ِAl Dahmani Office has the legal expertise to offer in a professional manner.
Legal Consulting
Abeer Al Dahmani provides legal advice services in both Arabic and English, in all legal aspects that both individuals and companies may face in their daily life, in investments or commercial matters
Abeer Al Dahmani Office provides authentication services for foreign documents issued abroad as well as certification services for documents required by foreign authorities abroad through the ratification of the certified lawyer's seal.
Commercial Companies
Commercial Companies and its establishing process in the United Arab Emirates are distinguished by their special procedures. In light of the critical importance of the company's shape in UAE
Family matters
Abeer Dahmani law firm represents individuals in family disputes, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, wither by representing them in defense or pleading on their behalf before family courts within the UAE.
Courtesy to Abeer Dahmani’s Law firm awareness of the great effect and impact of insurance on both individuals and business sectors, we give much care for insurance.
Labor Issues
Abeer Dahmani law firm represents many employees and employers of associations, companies, and individuals in related lawsuits before labor courts in issues related to demanding and settling receivables.
Litigation & Conflict Settlement
Abeer Dahmani Law Firm and Legal Consultancy recruited a dependable, most trusted, and reliable team of national lawyers supported by a number of legal advisors with extensive knowledge and experience.
Debt Collection
The office of Abeer Dahmani has a team of highly qualified and experienced experts in the field of debt collection, settlement and re-scheduling. We perform those actions in a friendly manner with clients in various fields such as engineering, construction, financial institutions, banking, insurance, companies, etc.
Criminal Actions
Abeer Dahmani law firm represents clients in various criminal cases, such as violations, misdemeanors, or felonies before courts of the first instance, appeal and cassation of different types of criminal courts. We also represent clients in cases of violations of the laws on different types of charges directed to the clients...

Our Practice Areas

Abeer AlDahmani  Advocates and Legal Consultants Office offers a full range of corporate and commercial services. Our advice meets the practical and commercial needs of our clients and our legal expertise is supported by many years of experience working in the relevant fields of each of our practice areas. We offer our clients a truly full service that no other firm in the United Arab Emirates can match, The Law firm of Abeer AlDahmani Advocates is equipped with very modern working facilities, which enable the firm to execute assignments competently and timely in keeping with very tight work deadlines often demanded by clients.


Abeer Dahmani’s law firm serves  represented clients with an additional service in the final stages of the proceeding; as we make sure that clients receive all their disputed rights, and avoid the possibility of defendants vacating the real estate, land, and villas to the name of others or transfer of ownership of real estate, cars and movables to the names of others to  ensure that verdicts issued against their property are not carried out. Abeer Dahmani’s office starts immediately obtaining preservation of property order within 24 to 48 hours. The procedures shall be executed in strict confidence without declaring it to the debtor to obtain preservation of property on all their bank account in the state, their property of real estate, movables and cars, as well as their shares and profits in the companies in which they are partners or debts from their employers or the debtor companies that should be detained and prevented from disposing them by sale, mortgage or delivery to the person detained or any financial action they might commit, pending the issuance of a judgment on the case between the parties.

The office of Abeer Dahmani also investigates the property of the parties to be sued, in front of the traffic authorities to know the numbers of cars required to be seized and review the economic development departments and the licensees to know the companies they own or have shares in, with the aim of delivering most accurate results of preservation order. Our office works quickly to issue  legal orders and verdicts for travel bans that prevent the foreigner debtor from traveling abroad and obliges them to provide guarantees that should prevent him from leaving the country

Abeer Dahmani Office owns a very long practical experience in realizing the optimum results in cases related to the preservation of property, putting pressure on the litigants to settle disputes and guaranteeing that they will deliver all rights and entitlements of our client.


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    Abeer Dahmani Office specializes in implementation and enforcement of final judicial judgments, arbitral verdicts, and judgments issued by foreign entities in the country, as a next step after following all enforcement procedures of the issued verdict. Our office deals with enforcement procedures related to financial rights, transfer of ownership of the real estate, movables or execution of judicial verdicts; such as the cancellation of a commercial agency, its registration or deletion, as well as intellectual property or trademarks. Our office, through its experience in the mention legal business, shall act on accelerating the progress of judgments enforcement, in such a professional way as to guarantee fulfillment of clients rights

    Abeer Dahmani’s law firm works through enforcement procedures to restore rights by force or through enforcement mechanisms that do not require the approval of the respondent. Among these procedures comes the confiscation of funds in banks for the benefit of the client and the confiscation of assets of respondent whether in forms of real estate, lands, or buildings, which we start selling by auctioning. We also work in favor of our client on confiscating movables such as cars of all kinds, equipment, and machinery, selling them by public auction and confiscating all financial receivables of the respondent whether it comes from the association he works for, business or debts whether the debtor is a private company or governmental body. The procedures include seizing of shares in the financial markets and the profits of the respondent in the companies in which he is a partner by obliging them to transfer all financial rights or sell it and deposit it among the adjective file of the respondent.

    The office of Abeer Dahmani also involves coercive use of force to implement the sentence or verdict, including the request to imprison the debtor until full repayment of the debt, or until a guarantor is presented to pay the debt on respondents behalf or encumbering his assets in favor of our client. The procedures also include preventing foreigners from traveling until the payment of all due amounts. We follow up the execution of coercive use of force procedures in auctions until full repayment of due amounts mentioned in the adjective files.

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      Abeer Dahmani law firm represents the clients in the private litigation procedures, known for arbitration. We represent clients in arbitration before the arbitration centers in the UAE or abroad in both Arabic and English. Our office works hard and accurately on the case to get all the benefits and options provided by arbitration. The parties deal directly with the arbitrators and start presenting their demands, and defense in proceedings similar to court proceedings. Abeer Dahmani law firm represents plaintiffs or defendants In order to produce the optimum outcomes. Starting from the early stages of the dispute, our office starts verifying the arbitrations conditions, elements and the validity of the said condition to avoid being appealing on later when the dispute is submitted to arbitration. In order to ensure that the verdicts before the local courts are not contested later on the case, and to ensure the speed of their implementation. In conclusion, our office starts carrying out those verdicts before the courts once it’s issued, after following the common procedures for the ratification of arbitration provisions.

      In some cases, when Abeer Dahmani’s law firm agrees to represent the defendants in the arbitration, this would require starting an appeal on arbitration conditions, verdicts and their failure to follow the arbitral procedures stipulated and the opposition of these judgments before the national courts, we start all these procedures ensuring that the dispute is returned to the national courts to protect the interests of the defendant in the administrative proceedings.

      The experience of Abeer Dahmani office extends for years in representing plaintiffs or defendants, and starting litigation procedures for all parties and represent them in cases of deterioration and defense before the national and foreign regulators.

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        The banking and financial institutions are one of the most important pillars of the national economy in the country, they are therefore highly regarded by economists. Abeer Dahmani’s office recognized this prominence and that’s why we focused on representing many banking institutions and start talking more attention and interest in those associations scope of work.

        Given the team’s background of all aspects of banks and financial institutions’ scope of work, Abeer Dahmani law firm worked hard in this area to reduce the loss of time believing that time is of great value to these institutions. Abeer Dahmani law firm acted in a quick action against defaulters in order to protect the interests of its clients, among those actions come:-

        ·        Preventive Detention

        ·        Travel Ban

        ·        Imposing attachment of the debtor funds dues on himself

        ·        Imposing attachment on the debtor funds dues on others

        ·        Selling pledged property

        ·        Imposing stock and bond

        ·        Filing a prosecution to prove the validity of the imposing process and proving client’s rights during the scheduled period.

        The Office of Abeer Dahmani works on the basis of the legal legitimacy specified by the provisions of the Civil Procedure Law No. 11 of 1992 as amended by Law No. 30 of 2005 and amended by Law No. 10 of 2014 in Articles 252 to 291, as well as Article 329 of the same law.

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          Abeer Dahmani law firm represents many companies, business owners and banks before courts and tribunals in disputes arising as a result of commercial transactions. The office represents those clients of his before all level of courts and specialized expert committees. Abeer Dahmani law firm cooperates with specialized experts to create consultancy and advocacy reports that deliver and ensure the best legal results. Our office represents many domestic and foreign companies in domestic, international and Gulf region transactions for all disputes arising in the United Arab Emirates.

          Commercial courts are competent to adjudicate commercial disputes, which arise between companies and individuals with reference to commercial transactions in accordance with the commercial code. Our office deals in all cases falling under commercial categories to protect the interests of the client, based on the experiences of long-standing litigation and arbitration in all disputes and with courtesy to an experienced legal team, possesses a wide range of knowledge in all legal aspects within the country.


          Abeer Dahmani’s team has years of experience in the field of commercial lawsuits, which are not limited to contractual obligations and contractual texts. According to the law, Trade usage is considered as an integral part of rules that are commonly resourced to in commercial lawsuits, as is common in every profession, whether banking, construction, general trade, sea, and air freight-related business. The difficulties of presenting commercial and industrial common usage to the courts arise through the court’s request of the presence of specialized experts in the field of the dispute, witnesses, and consultants to be addressed by the client,  in order to introduce these mentioned common usage to the court, and here comes our part.

          Abeer Dahmani Office specializes in representing and pleading before the commercial courts in all levels, we ensure achieving the best results in light of our long term experience of our team in representing many clients in all commercial, banking, real estate, construction, contracting, general trade, sea and air freight-related business, labor supply, commercial agencies, import and export cases and transactions. Our Office has the reputation of delivering the best results in judicial disputes.

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            The IT sphere is witnessing huge twists and is changing rapidly. Due to the importance of information technology at all levels for business and economic activities, it is essential for all companies to have distinct legal services in relation to this industry. The team of lawyers of Abeer Dahmani law firm specializes in solving the problems of information technology by providing practical advice and effective legal services in all areas of this vital sector, and thanks to our foundation’s resources of knowledge, IT issues are being dealt with and handled in prompt sense and with the lowest cost possible.

            Abeer Dahmani law firm is fully aware of all aspects of international trade occurring in regards to information technology and adopts the latest IT laws to ensure the legal excellence in this field by keeping up and reflecting the profound transformations and working Under Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 on transactions and electronic commerce.

            Abeer Dahmani’s experienced representation in all cases related to IT regulations leads to comprehensive consulting services that cover your business requirements. Because we believe that success in that field requires distinguished IT expertise and a deep understanding of the business objectives and needs, you can rely on Abeer Dahmani Office to understand your company’s structure of information technology regulations, and how to professionally interpret and use IT laws for the benefit of your business.

            We serve a large number of clients in various sectors including business leaders, large companies and giant organizations. Whether your business is related to computer sales or related to large computer applications serving a series of companies remotely, we have the experience to support your technical challenges while keeping pace with the rapid development of technology. We will make sure your company receives suitable legal advice to help you achieve your goals.

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              There is no doubt that the United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that rely heavily on real estate investment, and from the continuous follow-up and the close look we have given to the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates, and specifically in recent times, we find that many problems and multiple conflicts have occurred in this area, given the economic crisis that took place in 2009. That crisis resulted in suspending mega-projects and in delays in implementation of real state developers’ obligations. The crisis has also led to some investors to be unable to meet their obligations to real estate developers. In conclusion, this provoked a situation of instability in the rental sector and caused a rise in the rental value in some emirates and a decrease in others.

              The office of Abeer Dahmani realized the background of those problems and was able to reach friendly solutions to many of them giving potentials to achieve the interests of our clients. These solutions included, for example, reaching settlement points between developers and investors, amending and reviewing contracts, thus providing a satisfactory solution that ensures justice between the parties to avoid further losses, which are the pillars of the national economy.


              Our business scope includes:

              –        Formulating lands purchase, sale and investment contracts.

              –        Formulation of long-term, and short-term leases or “Musataha” (land development lease)

              –        Institute proceedings for avoidance of contracts between real estate developers and buyers.

              –        Settlement of legal disputes and litigation relating to rental leases and representing our clients in claims filed against them before the Abu Dhabi Renting Commission, Dubai Land and Property Department (DLD) and Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC).

              –        Establishment of real estate companies based on the procedures stipulated by the regulations and instructions of the Department of Economic Development.

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                Abeer Dahmani Office represents contract drafting services in both Arabic and English languages. The drafting services include drafting all forms of contracts;

                ·        Establishing of limited liability companies and private equity

                ·        Constructions contracts

                ·        Consulting, engineering partnership contracts

                ·        FIDAC contracts

                ·        Labor contracts, non-competition, confidentiality, consulting, accounting contracts

                ·        Labor supplying and, maintenance contracts

                ·        Custody contracts and trade contracts

                ·        Selling and purchasing of real estate

                ·        Financing and banking contracts

                ·        Investment contracts

                ·        Mortgage contracts on movables in real estate

                ·        Bank settlements and financing contracts

                ·        Loans and all contracts that may be required while dealing in commercial transactions process.


                The professional method that Abeer Dahmani law firm adopts in contracts drafting imposes listening to both parties of the contractor to at least one of them to reach the perceived form of their commitment implementation and reach any drafting ideas that the client might have. The next step would be to draft the entire agreement, adding all terms and obligations, which all parties shall adhere to. We grant that level of distinct service with courtesy to our experience in civil and commercial cases, contract forms, their implementation, and dissolution. All of the mentioned steps are explained to the client to ensure that he understands all terms related to that process. The client may require the presence of our consultants to negotiate with the other parties or their advisors on the terms of contracts or settlements, the right that obviously we will be pleased to grant our client.

                Abeer Dahmani Office has the best consultants specialized in drafting all civil, commercial, investment and contracting contracts, and we deliver that on the most professional and expert level to preserve the full rights of our clients resulting from contracts written with no breaches. Those contracts will ensure implementing all agreed on obligations and rights between the parties involved, in addition, to guarantee the rights of our clients using accurate and strict drafting that will help them in case of judicial disputes.

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                  Our office is committed to informing the customer, clearly and in simple terms, about the legal status of any dispute in the light of the law, current facts, documents, and office expertise. Our firm doesn’t feel ashamed of disclosure and introducing clients to their hard legal status and we try to minimize damages or risks to ensure that the client is able to make the right decisions.

                  1. Legal awareness

                  The client must be informed about the detailed course of his case, and the challenges that his conflict might be facing; the thing that will make him feel comfortable and safe whether the procedures required short period and went smoothly or went hardly demanding more time to be handled.

                      2  Care of the client’s interests

                  In all cases, the office takes clients’ interests into attention, and whenever we are unable to contact or reach the client, the office is committed to taking the appropriate action for the benefit of the client, with the aim of protecting his interest until he can be reached. This principle and commitment preserve the rights of the client in his absence by performing all assumed tasks of the case In accordance with the professional norms of the conflict, its anticipated duration, procedures for its appeal,  complaints provided by the clients or against him, and all respondents try to oppose enforcement of procedures. The office is obligated to legal awareness of the client by explaining the procedures followed.

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                    Abeer Dahmani law firm provides the service of presence and pleading on behalf of the plaintiffs and defendants in the Court proceedings sessions. We also specialize in drafting legal briefs for both prosecution and defense purpose before courts and attending meetings of judicial expertise in all categories; accountancy, engineering, insurance experts, medical committees and valuation experts. The office adopts the clients interest in responding to and commenting on experts’ reports, resuming preliminary and appeal  on judgments, drafting appeals and responding to them according to the provisions of the law, legal practices and judicial principles before all civil cases of all levels ;first instance, appeal, and cassation courthouses in UAE.

                    The client might not be aware of the importance of our lawyer’s representation services in civil proceedings, but in fact, all legal procedures require the presence of the lawyer as he has the ability to present the client’s requests and defense with reference to the legal and judicial principles. Hence, we should acknowledge our client that failure of any party to present their claims and defense may put them at risk of losing the claim or defense, and our lawyers have the experience to introduce opponents or other parties to the case and compare the claim to the contract exact texts to ensure the rights of the clients and their consent to the provisions of the law, otherwise, The client may lose the case for his advocacy to texts that do not apply to his case.

                    Abeer Dahmani Office specializes in the presence and pleading before the civil courts to their levels. We excel and achieve the best results in light of the documents, law proceedings and the expertise of our legal office. Our Office accurately examines every cases of legal documents, acknowledge the client about his legal position and present the expected results in the light of available documents. We tend to consider the best steps and actions possible to achieve the required results and to represent the client whether in lawsuits or settlements through a team of legal specialists with long experience in the USA.

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                      Enjoy our first

                      We have 10 years of experience and  Customer satisfaction with three Major features :


                      Being trustworthy means creating possibilities for sustainable relationships, with either friends, colleagues or companies. Not just for a single transaction, but for years. That is exactly why being trustworthiness is important. Both business and personal relationships will bring you opportunities.



                      Working in the field of law and litigation for more than 10 years we have been able to form a long experience in dealing with all types of cases with the degree of litigation and using a distinguished team of lawyers with experience and efficiency.


                      Reasonable cost

                      Reasonable cost does not mean the low cost or the high cost and at the same time does not affect the balance of the performance of the team we always take into account the balance between cost and effort in the cases.

                      Get all the advantages

                      Enjoy our first

                      quality services

                      We are distinguished in the office of Abeer Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultants in the high success rate of cases, especially criminal cases, due to our extensive experience in documents preview in a detailed and accurate manner, as well as cases of personal, commercial and labor cases with a success rate approaching 90%.

                      Criminal Cases95%
                      Commercial Cases85%
                      Labour Cases95%

                      Our customers’ trust in our office is limitless

                      Asked Questions

                      The End of Service Remuneration is calculated according to the last paid basic salary only, without any allowances.

                      Yes, the employer has the right and he/she can decide when the annual leave starts. In addition, the employer can (in a very critical business situation) divide the annual vacation period into two and transfer the remaining days to the following year.

                      The overtime is calculated upon the gross salary (basic salary + the agreed allowances) and the employee is entitled to overtime with an increase of not less than 25% of that wage. In case the overtime is performed between the hours of 9 pm and 4 am, then the employee ought to be paid an increase not less than 50 % of that wage.

                      The Emirati employee who is not registered in the Pensions Authority, takes his/her end of service remuneration from the company that he/she is retiring from. If he/she is registered in the Pensions Authority, then he/she is entitled to take end of service remuneration from the Pensions Authority.

                      The employee should get the employer’s written approval for any request to work beyond the notice period. It is to be noted that any employee who continues to work beyond 4 months of the notice period, should automatically withdraw his/her resignation.

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