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Legal Articles

Legal Articles
Article 1: Mobile Application Contract Terms

What is needed to develop a mobile application securely?

To start a mobile application could be challenging and competitive in many ways. For any successful mobile application to develop, certain conditions must be stated so it secures itself and its users to provide a safe online platform. First, the Terms Conditions of what users can and cannot do must be stated. Also, non-disclosure agreements to ensure the confidentiality of your ideas and likewise to avoid legal dispute and claims you must ensure that your idea is unique and not an imitation of another lawful owner. Privacy Laws of the UAE must be mentioned too for the lawful development of your mobile application. Registering your Logo, pictures as a trademark & intellectual property according to the type of application, especially if third parties are involved. In any business, whether online or not, needs to always be secured legally to avoid any future arising legal disputes between any involved parties, for that reason, a lawyer’s consultation is always advised.

Not knowing from where to start is always an issue with small businesses or newcomers to this field, we as Abeer AlDahmani Law firm offer our legal advice and consultations referring to this matter. We have just recently taken on the task of helping a business owner to start and develop his mobile application, by constructing the contracts with his clients and users, in addition to giving him all the legal advice needed to have a successful secure online platform conforming with the UAE Laws and Regulations.

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This Legal Article has been prepared by Counsel Dina Abdulcebbar