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Our Team

Abeer Al Dahmani – Founder of the law firm

Lawyer and legal consultant Abeer Ebied Gafan Al Dahmani is the main founder of  Abeer Al Dahmani legal consulting law firm. Her experiences extended and included all fields of law and legal practices over the years. Those operational experiences in the legal field started professionally from working in the legal departments of both governmental and private bodies, extended across courthouses and state arbitrators, and supported by a long series of studies and academic researches during the long years of her career. The Training courses that she attended in law fields and legal scopes have diversified on both local and international levels. Abeer Al Dahmani actively contributes to raising the legal awareness of the community through legal guidance and advice, which she addresses through different media platforms that are dealing with legal issues and risks facing the public.

Abeer Al Dahmani started her career with a bachelor’s degree in law and economics with honors, and then afterward she cooperated with various government agencies in the legal field; she worked as a legal researcher in the armed forces, the prosecution of Abu Dhabi, the Free Zone Authority in Fujairah and eventually worked as a lawyer and legal practitioner before courts and local arbitration bodies. Abeer Al Dahmani has matured and gained strong practical experience through the diversity of the entities she worked for, and she was able to enrich those many years of experience using her diligence, her determination to achieve the best possible results, and through her long professional years of practice before different levels of courts.

Abeer Al Dahmani

Founder – Lawyer


Owing to Abeer Al Dahmani’s attendance and interaction in a number of specialized courses in legal and administrative skills, contributed to the refinement of her legal and professional knowledge. These courses and seminars included participation in the Advanced Human Rights Law Course at the Geneva Center, and cooperating in the act in the practical forums of the Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal. She also participated in the Sheikh Khalifa government excellence Program at the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies, in addition to many courses and various training programs she took part in and engaged in throughout the long path of her career.

Abeer Al Dahmani is considered as one of the leading UAE women lawyers in the field of pleading before courthouses especially in what relates to oral pleadings and judicial proceedings. Abeer Dahmani has the eloquence, the energy of fluently speaking, and the ability to formulate strong arguments using the factual information and facts, analysis of evidence and data, and providing them to the court in order to ensure that all defense arguments, whether in written or pleaded form, are brought to the court’s attention clearly and expressly.

Mabrouk Ali
Legal Counsel

Law degree in 2008 from Menoufia University, He has 10 years of experience in the United Arab Emirates and one year in Egypt.

Osama Abdallah
Legal Counsel

Law certificate of the year 2005, from Zagazig University, 8 years experience inside Egypt, and 9 years inside the UAE.

Ahmed Fakher
Legal Counsel

Law degree in English 2008, from Mansoura University, 2 years experience in Egypt, and 11 years experience in the UAE.

Mahmoud Al Ajami
Legal Counsel

Bachelor of Laws 2007, Master of Public Law 2013, 7 years experience in Egypt, 6 years in the UAE, Ph.D. researcher at  Alexandria.

Kareem AlBaz
Legal Researcher

Bachelor of Laws from Cairo University 2009, 2 years experience in Egypt, 7 years experience in the field of law in the UAE.

Mohamed Asaad
Legal Researcher

Bachelor of Laws from Alexandria University 2011, 4 years experience in Egypt, 5 years experience in the field of law in the UAE.

Moustafa Fouad
Legal Researcher

Bachelor of Laws 2013, 6 years experience in Egypt, 2 years experience in the United Arab Emirates.

Eslam Hamdy
General Relations

Bachelor of Physical Education 2016, Helwan University, 5 years experience in Egypt, two years of experience within the UAE.

Mohamed Moeen
Legal Researcher

Law degree from Abu Dhabi University with honors, fluent in speaking both languages: Arabic and English.

Asmaa AlWakeel
Asmaa AlWakel
General Accountant

Bachelor of Commerce, 12 years experience in Legal accounting in Legal Offices in the United Arab Emirates.

Ahmed ElSayed
Executive Secretary

Bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Commerce, Accounting, from the University of Egypt, 2012. executive experiences in law firms in the UAE.

Amro Al Wakeel

Bachelor of Commerce from Cairo University 2004, has practical experiences in all accounting programs and database creation.


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