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Authentication Services

Authentication Services

Authentication Services: Abeer Al Dahmani Office provides authentication services for foreign documents issued abroad as well as certification services for documents required by foreign authorities abroad through the ratification of the certified lawyer’s seal. The certification services include the ratification of foreign passports and service bills issued by the local authorities along with issuing residence address certification for both individuals and companies. The certification services also include all other kinds of formal papers such as commercial licenses, establishments contracts, agreements, declarations, etc.. We also take care of the kind of formal documents that may be required in case of establishing offshore companies, opening bank accounts abroad, or fulfilling applications for migration and travel purposes.


Abeer Al Dahmani Office provides its services through examining the documents assets and investigating the information’s authenticity contained in these statements and their source, after which the seal is authenticated by the certified lawyer and the last step would be to reach the client to deliver him a certified copy of the mentioned documents.


The certification services issued by the office shall certify the validity of the signature of a person before the lawyer through the presence of the person himself. The said person shall sign the contract, and right after identification of his identity and his passport, the contract shall be signed by the certified lawyer who signs and confirm the validity of the signature of the said person, all that should be determined in respect of requirements of real estate sale process in the United States, Britain, and other foreign countries.


The authorities that receive the ramifications can check with our office to verify the signature of the lawyer and the stamp issued by him. The office will confirm the authenticity of the documents issued to the mentioned authorities.


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