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Civil Cases and Compensations

Civil Cases and Compensations Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Our company provides the service of representation and advocacy on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in legal cases, attending court sessions, and drafting legal memoranda for both prosecution and defense. We appear before the court, attend judicial expert meetings of various types, including accounting, engineering, insurance, medical, and appraisal, and work in the best interest of our clients to respond to and comment on expert reports.

We handle appeals of both primary and appellate judgments and prepare appeals and responses based on legal provisions in all types of civil cases, before civil courts at all levels and across all courts in the UAE.

Civil Cases and Compensations Services We Provide:

Representation and Advocacy

We represent you in all stages of the lawsuit, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. We ensure proper defense and necessary legal procedures to protect your rights and interests.

Drafting Legal Memoranda

We have a team of outstanding lawyers skilled in drafting legal memoranda for prosecution and defense. We gather the necessary evidence and information and present it in a legally strong manner before the court.

Judicial Expert Meetings

We have experience in dealing with various types of judicial expert meetings, whether they are related to accounting, engineering, insurance, medical, or appraisal. We represent you in these meetings and ensure the protection of your interests.

Appeals and Petitions

We provide consultations and representation in the stages of appeal and submission of petitions before primary and appellate courts. We skillfully draft documents and pleadings in accordance with legal provisions.

Types of civil cases we specialize in handling at Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy Company encompass a wide range of civil issues, including:

Personal Compensations

If you have suffered physical or psychological injury due to a traffic accident, crime, or negligence, you can claim compensation from the responsible party for the damages you have incurred.

Financial Compensations

In case of financial damages, such as commercial losses or property damage, we can assist you in filing a lawsuit to obtain appropriate compensations.

Medical Compensations

If you have suffered medical harm due to medical error or negligence, you can claim compensation from the responsible entity to cover medical and treatment costs.

Contractual Issues

If a dispute arises over the execution of a specific contract, whether it’s a purchase, sale, lease, or services contract, we can help you prove your rights and claim compensations if necessary.

Family and Inheritance Issues

We provide legal consultations and assistance in divorce, custody, inheritance, and other related family matters.

Real Estate Cases

Whether you are facing a property ownership dispute or dealing with complex real estate transactions, our legal team can guide your case correctly.

Commercial Compensations

If you have suffered financial losses due to unfair business practices or inadequate services, we can provide advice and representation in claiming compensations.

Financial and Banking Cases

In case of financial disputes or banking transactions that require correction, our lawyers can help protect your interests.

Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy Company provides distinguished legal experts to handle these issues and more. We are here to assist you in defending your rights and achieving justice. Contact us today for comprehensive legal consultation that deeply examines your case. We take pride in our principles based on integrity, professionalism, and dedication to serving our clients. We are here to provide you with the necessary legal support and contribute to achieving justice and protecting your rights.

Feel free to reach out to us for a free legal consultation and to learn how we can assist you with your civil case and compensation claims.

Contact us today to begin the journey of defending your rights and interests.

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Civil Cases and Compensations Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve been in a car accident and sustained bodily injuries, you should follow these steps:

– Ensure your safety and the safety of others, and provide assistance if there are any injured parties.

– Call the police and request an official accident report.

– Gather contact information and details of the involved vehicles and any witnesses, if available.

– Take photos of the accident scene, property damage, and injuries if it’s safe to do so.

– Obtain insurance information from the parties involved.

– Seek medical evaluation by a doctor to assess your health.

In a case for financial compensation due to business losses, key evidence may include:

– Financial and accounting records documenting the financial losses.

– Relevant contracts and agreements.

– Testimonials and certificates from others that can demonstrate the extent of financial damage.

– Testimonies from economic experts if necessary.

– Independent financial reports that could confirm the losses.

To protect your rights in a medical compensation case due to medical malpractice, consider these steps:

– Obtain complete medical records that document diagnosis, treatment, and any new symptoms.

– Consult a medical expert to assess the error and its impact on your health.

– Obtain an independent medical report that substantiates the error and damages.

– Consult with a specialized lawyer to file a lawsuit and navigate the legal aspects.

If you’re in a dispute with a business partner over the execution of a commercial contract, you can take these steps:

– Review the contract and identify each party’s obligations.

– Communicate with your partner to resolve the dispute amicably.

– Research contract interpretation methods and seek a settlement.

– Consult a lawyer for legal advice and guidance.

If you sue someone else in a personal injury compensation case due to an injury in a public place, you should follow these procedures:

– Gather evidence that confirms the injury and indicates the circumstances and liable party.

– Contact the property owner or responsible party to report the incident.

– Obtain medical certificates confirming the injury and estimating medical costs.

– Consult with a lawyer to file the lawsuit and legally pursue the case.

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