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Debt Collection services

Debt Collection services

Debt Collection Services

Debt Collection Services: The office of Abeer Dahmani has a team of highly qualified and experienced experts in the field of debt collection, settlement, and re-scheduling. We perform those actions in a friendly manner with clients in various fields such as engineering, construction, financial institutions, banking, insurance, companies, etc.

The office of Abeer Al Dahmani follows a specialized debt collection strategy; The team first starts with the debtor and arranges a meeting with him in the presence of a legal advisor specialized in debt collection disputes. The advisor would have full knowledge of the regulations current and in force in this field, and the meeting shall be for the purpose of negotiating the settlement of the debt amount in favor of our client.

However, if necessary, and in case if the debtor never offers to voluntarily pay his debts, the team of Abeer Al Dahmani law firm shall take necessary legal actions against the debtor, by filing a lawsuit against him.

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