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Authentication Services in Abu Dhabi

We are pleased to offer you our authentication services for foreign documents issued abroad and documents required before foreign authorities. We authenticate these documents using an authorized lawyer’s stamp. Our authentication services for foreign entities include certifying passport copies, invoices for services issued by local authorities, and address confirmation certificates for individuals and companies.

Additionally, we provide authentication for all other papers related to offshore company establishment, opening bank accounts abroad, immigration, and travel requirements.

Our services stand out for their precision, efficiency, and professionalism throughout the authentication process. Our experienced team of lawyers takes responsibility for verifying the authenticity and source of the documents. Once verification and investigation are completed, the specialized lawyer proceeds with the authentication and notarization process. Clients receive an authenticated copy of the mentioned documents.

Among our authentication services is the authentication of individuals’ signatures before a lawyer. This occurs when the person to sign the contract is present, and their identity is confirmed. The lawyer then notarizes the signature, specifically concerning the requirements for property sales in the United States, Britain, and other foreign countries.

Recipients of our authenticated documents can always verify the lawyer’s signature and the accompanying seal by contacting our office. We will confirm the validity of the documents issued by us to the relevant parties.

At Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy, we prioritize accuracy, credibility, and professionalism in all authentication processes. Our team of experienced lawyers is committed to ensuring your documents meet the necessary requirements for recognition and acceptance before foreign entities. Whether for legal, commercial, or personal purposes, you can rely on our expertise in handling your authentication needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our authentication services and how we can assist you in notarizing your important documents. We look forward to providing reliable and tailor-made authentication solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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Authentication Services Frequently Asked Questions

Authentication is the process of verifying the validity and authenticity of documents and officially certifying them with a seal. Authentication is necessary when presenting documents before official, governmental, or international authorities, or in legal cases and courts.

Foreign documents are typically authenticated through foreign consulates or embassies located in your country. This involves submitting the documents to the relevant authority, and they will proceed to verify and authenticate them with an official seal.

Yes, you can always verify the authenticity of the authentication provided by the law office by directly contacting them. The office provides notarized copies of the documents, and recipients of the authentications can verify the lawyer’s signature and seal.

In some cases, translation may be part of the authentication services. If the documents are in a foreign language, the translation may need to be authenticated as well to ensure its accuracy.

Common documents that require authentication include passports, service invoices, address confirmation certificates for individuals and companies, trade licenses, company incorporation documents, agreements, declarations, and many others, including personal and legal documents.

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