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Welcome to the office of Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy, where we provide outstanding services in the field of establishment and legal consultations for commercial companies in the United Arab Emirates. Commercial companies in the UAE have unique procedures that make it an ideal place for investment and business growth, and at Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy, we ensure to provide the necessary assistance to successfully achieve your business goals.

Types of commercial companies in the UAE

Joint-Liability Company

A joint-liability company is a form of cooperative companies where the partners collaborate to achieve common goals while bearing the responsibilities arising from their business activities. The partners in this type of company are jointly and severally liable for the company’s debts and obligations.

Limited Liability Company

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a common and well-known form of commercial companies, where the shareholders are liable for the company’s obligations up to a certain limit equivalent to the value of their shares in the registered capital of the company.

Private Shareholding Company

This company’s capital is divided into tradable shares among shareholders, but these shares may not be traded in the open market.

Limited Partnership Company

A limited partnership company is a form of personal companies established by at least one individual, and the owner is solely responsible for the company’s obligations.

Public Shareholding Company

This type of company differs from the LLC in that the shareholders are jointly and severally liable for the company, and the capital is divided into shares that are tradable in the financial market.

One-Person Company (OPC)

This company is a form of personal companies owned by only one individual who is solely responsible for the company’s obligations.

At Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy, we take pride in our qualified and experienced team that possesses extensive knowledge of UAE laws and the latest legal amendments. They can provide advice and guidance to all investors regarding the most suitable company structure that aligns with their needs and business objectives. We are committed to achieving the perfect balance between the rights of investors and the parties dealing with them, whether individuals or companies.

If you are planning to establish a commercial company in the UAE or need legal consultations related to types of commercial companies, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you and provide the necessary legal support to make your journey in the business world successful and fruitful.

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Commercial Companies Services Frequently Asked Questions

There are several types of commercial companies that can be established according to the laws and regulations in each country. Common types include Joint-Liability Company, Limited Partnership Company, Public Shareholding Company, Private Shareholding Company, and One-Person Company (OPC). They differ in their structure, shareholder responsibilities, and legal characteristics.

To establish a commercial company, you need to follow the registration procedures with the relevant government authorities in your country. These procedures include determining the type of company, its name, address, and business activity, preparing the required documents such as incorporation contracts and certificates, and paying the registration fees.

The legal requirements for registering a commercial company vary depending on the country and the type of company. They may involve specifying the business activity, financial liability, personal information of shareholders and directors, and required experience certificates if applicable.

To determine the most suitable type of company for your business, you should consider factors such as the nature of the business activity, the number of shareholders, and the desired financial liability. It is recommended to consult with a specialized lawyer or legal advisor for appropriate legal advice.

To start your business with the chosen commercial company, you should create a business plan and conduct a feasibility study for your business activity, identify your target market and competition. Then, you can proceed with preparing the necessary documents for company incorporation, registering it, and ensuring the required capital is available to commence operations.

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