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Contract Drafting Services in Abu Dhabi

Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy Law Firm and Legal Consultations offers contract drafting services in both Arabic and English, along with their authentication. Our contract drafting service covers a wide range of contracts, including company formation agreements for limited liability, private, and public companies.

We also handle partnership (J.V) agreements, construction and engineering consulting contracts, fidic contracts, employment contracts, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, service contracts for consulting, accounting, and supplies, maintenance contracts, security contracts, and trade contracts for real estate and movable property.

Additionally, we cover banking contracts, including mortgages on movable and immovable properties, banking settlements, financing contracts, as well as trademark investment, speculation, financing, and loan agreements – encompassing all contract types that commercial transactions may require.

Contract Drafting Service Details

Comprehensive Legal Consultation

We listen to your needs and requirements, providing appropriate legal consultation before commencing the contract drafting process. Our goal is to ensure your full understanding of all legal aspects related to the contract.

Contract Design and Preparation

Based on the legal consultation, we initiate the contract drafting process with an innovative and logical approach that ensures coverage of all essential points. We employ clear and specific language to avoid ambiguities and exhausting interpretations.

Customization of Contracts

We understand that each transaction requires a unique type of contract. Therefore, we customize each contract according to the client’s needs and the nature of the relevant deal.

Review and Contract Amendment

If you have already prepared a contract and wish to have it reviewed or amended, our team will efficiently and professionally handle this task. We strive to ensure that contracts accurately reflect your agreements and protect your interests.

Additional Guidance

After contract drafting, we provide additional guidance on next steps, such as signing and execution. We are here to assist you in understanding and implementing all aspects of the contract.

Our contract drafting service aims to provide robust legal tools that safeguard your rights and help you achieve your goals with confidence. We guarantee an innovative and tailored service that meets and exceeds your expectations.

“We are here to help you achieve successful and secure deals through well-drafted legal contracts.” Please contact us for a free legal consultation regarding contract drafting and submission.

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Contract Drafting Frequently Asked Questions

It is advisable to seek contract drafting services when you wish to define the legal obligations and rights of the contracting parties in a deal or agreement. Whether you are engaged in a business transaction, establishing a company, or resolving a legal dispute, crafting a specific and clear contract becomes essential.

Key elements in contracts include identifying the contracting parties, describing the obligations and rights of each party, specifying the agreement’s duration, outlining terms and conditions, establishing enforcement mechanisms, addressing potential breaches and how to handle them.

Yes, a contract can be modified after drafting if the parties agree to change certain provisions. It is advisable to make amendments through specific legal procedures and with written documentation to ensure the validity of the modifications.

If a contract is not properly drafted, ambiguity and undesirable interpretations may arise, potentially leading to future legal disputes. Poor drafting can leave legal loopholes that might affect your rights and obligations.

Certainly, you can draft a contract yourself, but consulting a specialized lawyer helps ensure the inclusion of all crucial legal points and avoids mistakes that could cost you in the future. A lawyer possesses the expertise and legal understanding to ensure the contract’s accuracy and legality.

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Zone 1 Rowdhat Abu Dhabi, Ali & Sons Company Bldg, 3rd Floor, Office 301, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.