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Judicial Warnings Services in Abu Dhabi

Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy provides the service of judicial warnings on behalf of clients, whether they are individuals or companies. We draft judicial warnings to address cases of non-compliance with legal or contractual obligations and warn the recipients of legal action against them if the violations continue.

The purpose of the judicial warning is to ensure the prompt compliance of the other party with their obligations and attempt to settle or prevent disputes. This aims to protect our clients from the need to initiate costly litigation, as compared to resorting to a judicial warning.

What are Judicial Warnings?

Judicial warnings are a legal means that enables individuals and companies to send official notifications to other parties regarding their legal demands. A judicial warning can be an effective tool for resolving disputes before resorting to the court, and it can also serve as evidence that the recipient has been notified of the legal demands made against them.

Benefits of Judicial Warnings

The benefits associated with using judicial warnings include:

  • Contributing to the resolution of disputes before going to court.
  • Documenting the recipient’s acknowledgment of the legal demands.
  • Accelerating legal proceedings in case of resorting to the court.
  • Reducing legal costs.

Types of Judicial Warnings

There are various types of judicial warnings include:

  • Warnings related to payment of monetary amounts.
  • Warnings to remove encroachments on rights or properties of the sender.
  • Warnings to deliver specific properties or documents.
  • Warnings to cease certain actions or activities.
  • Warnings to demand the performance of specific tasks.

If you need further information about judicial warnings, please do not hesitate to contact Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Judicial Warnings

A judicial warning is a legal procedure used to inform someone of a lawsuit filed against them. The judicial warning is issued by the court and specifies the date and place of the hearing.

There are several benefits that can be gained from submitting a judicial warning, including:

  • Compelling the other party to respond to the legal claim.
  • Accelerating the legal proceedings.
  • Reducing legal costs.
  • Obtaining a favorable judgment in court.

You can submit a judicial warning through a law firm or directly through the court. If you submit a judicial warning through a law firm, the lawyer will prepare the warning and submit it to the court. If you submit it directly through the court, you will need to fill out the judicial warning form and pay the required legal fees.

The process of submitting a judicial warning usually takes one to two weeks. The cost of submitting a judicial warning may vary depending on the court where it is filed.

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