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Setting Up Free Zone Companies

Setting Up Free Zone Companies Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy offers services for establishing companies outside the United Arab Emirates. The options for establishing free zone companies vary based on client needs. For instance, clients have the flexibility to establish companies in diverse regions such as Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, Singapore, Seychelles, Mauritius, Delaware in the United States, and other offshore locations, tailored to meet specific client requirements.

The company provides advisory services concerning the suitable region for establishing offshore companies, their types, management methods, and other related services, including monitoring of the mentioned companies.

We offer guidance on selecting the appropriate country for company establishment by comprehending the client’s business nature, the tax jurisdiction it falls under, the company’s location, applicable taxes, required business activities, preferred investment countries, all aimed at providing the best advice and guidance to the client.

Subsequently, we proceed with the authentication of all necessary documents from the foreign affairs ministry of the establishment country, the UAE Embassy abroad, and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the modern business world, choosing the right location for company establishment becomes crucial for business success and sustainability. Free zones open up new horizons and exceptional investment opportunities awaiting exploration. With our exceptional expertise in law and business, we are here to assist you in realizing these opportunities smoothly and seamlessly.

Free Zone Company Establishment services we offer:

Expert and Carefully Crafted Consultation

We work to provide tailored consultations that align with your needs and investment vision. We conduct in-depth analyses of your requirements and suggest the best possible solutions to achieve your goals.

A Diverse Range of Free Zones

We enable you to choose from a diverse range of free zones around the world. Whether you prefer establishing your company in Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, Singapore, Seychelles, Mauritius, or even Delaware in the United States and others, we are here to turn your vision into reality.

Designing a Successful Strategy

We understand the significance of designing a successful strategy for establishing your company in the appropriate free zone. We guide you in selecting the suitable company type and provide the necessary guidance for its management and development.

Facilitating Legal and Administrative Procedures

With our profound legal expertise, we are here to assist you in streamlining all legal and administrative procedures associated with establishing your company in the chosen free zone.

Document Authentication and Verification

We take care of the process of authenticating and verifying all required documents for company establishment through recognized official channels.

We are here to be your partners in achieving success and growth. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and receive personalized guidance tailored to your company’s needs. Through Abeer Al-Dahmani Advocates & Legal Consultancy, you will be on the right path towards building a bright and successful future.

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Setting Up Free Zone Companies Services Frequently Asked Questions

Free zones provide benefits such as tax exemptions, ease of international trade, advanced infrastructure, and access to new markets. These advantages assist companies in achieving sustainable success and increasing business opportunities.

Factors such as the nature of your business activities, tax jurisdiction, local regulations, and your specific business needs should be considered. Your company can offer tailored consultations to assist in selecting the optimal free zone.

The steps involve choosing the company type, registering the company under an appropriate name, submitting the required documents, defining the company’s structure and management, and authenticating the necessary documents.

Yes, free zones allow businesses to engage in commercial and investment activities within the UAE on both local and international levels.

After incorporation, your company offers services such as continuous legal advisory, monitoring legal obligations and reports, structural amendments to the company, and providing support in contract-related matters and disputes.

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